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Manera suave e higiénica de limpiar después de usar el inodoro.

Características: Boquillas dobles (lavado trasero + frontal) y autolimpieza.

Bidé de agua fría y caliente no eléctrico.

Lavado trasero: Los bidés son una forma eficaz de limpiar la materia fecal después de defecar. Use agua tibia o fría para limpiar suavemente su trasero después de hacer caca para que se sienta limpio y seguro durante todo el día. El lavado trasero ayuda a eliminar la picazón en el recto.

Lavado frontal: la limpieza de usar un bidé es insuperable, ha sido aclamado como el secreto de las damas para una frescura duradera durante todo el día. Refréscate durante tu ciclo menstrual, refréscate durante un día caluroso y sudoroso. Te deja con una sensación de recién duchado, elimina la secreción y te deja libre de olores.

Los bidés son excelentes durante el embarazo, el agua fría y caliente proporciona alivio de las hemorroides al detener las hemorroides sangrantes y ayudarlas a encogerse. 

Los bidés ayudan con las verrugas genitales al proporcionar un alivio fresco para aliviar las molestias.

Los bidés ayudan y previenen las infecciones urinarias y alivia las infecciones por hongos al ofrecer una forma refrescante y sanitaria de eliminar las bacterias y garantizar que no se propaguen.

Los bidés ayudan a los ancianos a ser independientes con la limpieza al brindar asistencia en áreas que pueden haberse vuelto difíciles de alcanzar.

Esta unidad de bidé es autolimpiante e incluye líneas de agua resistentes y duraderas.

Ahorra dinero en papel higiénico 



Bidet washing basin for your private parts

Hygiene maintenance is of the utmost importance get shower fresh each time you use the toilet


The cleanliness of using a bidet is unsurpassed it has been hailed ladies secret for lasting freshness throughout the day. Freshen up during your menstrual cycle, freshen up during a hot sweaty day. Leaves you with a freshly showered feeling, eliminates discharge and leaves you odor free.



Bidets are designed for both men and women hygiene is essentially important to everyone. Our bidet includes two nozzles one to clean our rear after we poo and the other for women to aid in keeping fresh during menstrual cycle. Our bidet is convenient for people who are not able to stand and shower due to surgery or old age. With our bidet system you may maintain proper hygiene and freshness while keeping your independence 



Our bidet is designed to be install under the toilet seat we include toilet seat bumpers to help keep everything at an even level. You will need access to your hot water value to use the the "warm water feature". We include everything needed for installation.

Always consult with a professional/Licensed Plumber before installation.




Great product for my elderly dad he is unable to bathe himself properly since battling cancer. He is to stubborn to allow assistance from a nurse. We bought and had this bidet system installed and he loves it. He uses it for more than cleansing from stool. He keeps his genitals area clean by using both the front and rear nozzles.


I discovered toilet seat bidets during the covid19 tissue shortage. I was stuck without toilet paper for the first time ever. I turned to the internet to find a toilet paper alternative and I discovered these bidets. I use to think you could only get a bidet if you had a nice fancy home. After covid hopefully I will be able to impress some guests soon, looking forward to it.


Must have if you live with your mate 




Gets you clean and keep you feeling fresh. Can be used before or after intimacy. Works very well for pregnancy and postpartum hygiene. Helps eliminate hemorrhoids.


Great for feminine hygiene relieve or stop vaginal and anal itching. Works great for menstrual cycles. Reduce urinary and yeast infections


No need for caregiver to cleanse and wipe you anymore. Elderly and physically challenged will feel healthy and independent again. Helps clean up after diarrhea and dysentery.